Our Story

With love + healing, from Bali.

Once upon a time, three expats fell in love with the pure magic Bali: the people, the culture, and the lush ecosystem. We discovered the ancient healing elements that native Balinese have been using for generations – ingredients that healed our skin with their rare & unique properties.

Through a collaboration with our beautiful Balinese business partners, we crafted Made Beauty & Co. Our process is fair-trade all throughout: from sourcing our packaging, to a small and dedicated staff, to working with organic farms in Bali for our ingredients. It’s always been crucial that our efforts benefit the island that we hold so dear.

Every ingredient in our creams is garden-grown in small batches, and with the exception of locally-sourced beeswax, our product is completely plant-based.

Some journeys take you to unexpected places; ours compelled us to share the magic of Bali’s healing plants. Once you feel the intention behind their creation, you’ll understand why it was so important that we share it with you.

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